CPP in SMS: Major hindrance today

[ru] Мы с нашей проблемой отключения МТС шлюза email-SMS не одиноки. Твиттер отключил SMS уведомления для всего мира за исключением США, Канады и Индии. Причина, думаю сходная: только в Северной Америке (насчёт Индии не уверен) мобильные абоненты платят за входящие СМС и получают обслуживание по высшему разряду. У нас беслпатно, но и никаких гарантий, как с freeware.

“Calling Party Pays” (CPP) telecom paradigm looks good at first sight: you can use a premium service of which mobile telephony is a notable example, and still pay nothing for it.

Of course, it’s not completely free – a person calling or texting you pays for both ends of the link: sending of the message by them and receiving it by you. It is the popular impression of freeness which prompted speedier development in early mobile history in Europe compared to North America which has been stuck with MPP (“Mobile Party Pays”).

Now, as the world’s mobile industry matured and new business models with unusual requirements started to emerge, one of the industry’s cornerstones – CPP – seems to be breaking the progress.
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