Блог-Спамеры из .RU и .INFO забанены

[en] Recently I'm seeing a lot of hired commentators promoting loads of *.RU domains registered just a couple of weeks before comment time. It seems logical to automatically remove all comment author URLs which are in .ru TLD. See below for a WordPress plugin for that.

Заметка о наёмных комментаторах не подействовала: пачки сайтов продолжают бесстыдно продвигаться. И хоть мне не очень жалко Google Juice (т.е. частички Page Rank), считаю, всё же, дурацкие ссылки портят вид блога. Надо было придумать что-то действенное.
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Био-боты наступают на блоги

[en] Real people are gradually replacing spam-bots in the effort to overcome modern sophisticated spam-filtering techniques. By lowering signal-to-noise ratio paid commentators or bio-bots are threatening the whole blogosphere of exterminating one of its basic institutions - comments.

Всё чаще приходят в блог комментарии, создаваемые не инфицированными зомби-персоналками, а настоящими людьми, которые нашли “работу” за несколько центов спамить блоги вручную.
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Traffic dynamics after taking care of the site

Traffic growth for www.STEREO.org.ua looks promising now:

www.STEREO.org.ua traffic dynamics for Jul-Oct 2007

Especially so in the light of STEREO.org.ua having been largely neglected until late July 2007 since the last record was published in January. No wonder traffic plummeted then.
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How to eliminate spam bots from AWStats for good

The two most common approaches in Web analytics are:

  1. Web server logfile analysis
  2. Page tagging

Page tagging is the method of choice from the commercial standpoint. However, it’s got its characteristic drawbacks:

  • changes to the web application are needed
  • vendor lock-in of some sort takes place (regardless whether you use a subscription-based solution or acquire a hosted one).

On the other hand there is one nice web stats tool operating in the old good logfile analysis realm, which is AWStats. Until recently it was a reliable work horse for many webmasters delivering quite useful reports about origin breakdown, sessions (visits duration), lists of landing pages (“entry”) & exit pages – categories commonly associated with the more complex page tagging statistics systems.

What happened to it?
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