Why Linux is free? FireFox so decided

[en] FireFox, сам по себе являющийся "бесплатным" продуктом, оказывается, спонсирует "бесплатный" Линукс.

Linux LogoDid you ever wonder at the Linux “distros” sprouting wildly? They are countless already; nobody knows the exact number: Knoppix, CentOS, Ubuntu, Kubuntu… The most surprising part is they compete. Not with Microsoft – MS is and probably will for a looong time to come enjoy their monopoly – with each other! Every distro’s outlet boasts about its market share.

Now, which “market share”? If it’s free, where’s the market?

Well, it’s not really free, wonder it not, you – users – pay for “free” Linux. Here’s how.
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Opera improvements in 9.5

Opera browser – the pioneer of the browsing sessions concept – now allows saving only the active window as a session.

Previously, if one worked on several projects and wanted to restart the browser for some reason they had to restore all the projects’ browsing windows on browser startup, or…go tweak the saved session file. That’s surely quite a mess, hindering the purpose of focusing on a single project.
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