Life Balance and finance planning

One appeal of Life Balance has to do with the similarities to GnuCash – my finance accounting tool of choice.


  • GnuCash is about money accounting, Life Balance is about time/efforts accounting,
  • GnuCash has a tree of bookkeeping accounts, Life Balance has a tree of projects,
  • GnuCash has a number of useful reports, Life Balance has reports too, albeit only two: the dynamically compiled To-Do List (frankly, the main product of the system) and … the Balance report.

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Life Balance is back to work

Life Balance logoFor an application like Life Balance trial period shouldn’t be that short. That was surely the chief discouragement for me when I first tried it last year. I just didn’t feel serious enough entering my tasks into the Outline to see how it works.

So my take is: either you have to get a highly compelling recommendation from someone trusted to make a purchase right away or, Llamagraphics should describe in detail on how to retain your valuable data between multiple trial installs/deinstalls.
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