Traffic dynamics after taking care of the site

Traffic growth for looks promising now: traffic dynamics for Jul-Oct 2007

Especially so in the light of having been largely neglected until late July 2007 since the last record was published in January. No wonder traffic plummeted then.
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Migration from Joomla to WordPress + merger of two WP blogs Completed

So this is the first post in the new migrated and merged weblog. At last.
It has proved one more time that a web site start up should be planned carefully lest you’d have couple of busy evenings correcting your strategy in the future.

Problems one should be prepared to when venturing such moves:

  • Permalink re-design. Page addressing approaches are very different in Joomla and WordPress.
  • Permalink forward setup for each page moved.
  • Loss of your design. Joomla look&feel and its themes may be appealing to many (like it was with me couple years ago, when it was “Mambo” yet) and it’s got nice built-in features (some of which may be available as WP plugins, but some may not)

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