Christmas carols by ICA kids

Katie of ICA, Kiev, prepared children to sing some Christmas songs.

Here's the practice before the service – Deck the Halls [mp3]

The performance starts: small kids need to be carefully talked into relaxing first [mp3]
then they can sing (Deck the Halls also featured here) [mp3]
Looks like with the hall half-empty (when practicing) children feel more comfortable…

There was a small pause which I took advantage of and relocated to a more favorable recording position.
The second set of Christmas songs by a larger choir of kids [mp3]

Recorded in A-B stereo with WM-61


So we've gathered for a "Super Saturday" to have some practice.

Opened with "I Want To Know You More" and some chatter. [mp3]

As people settled for their positions in the room, microphones had to be relocated.
Here's much better sounding main part [mp3] (49 minutes A-B stereo recording, here in 160 kbps VBR joint stereo)
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Осенний марафон [4events-1day]

[In this story: ICA, Anglican church, Korop Club, Orthodoxians having fun. Media files included]

Как и в случае с известным кинофильмом, название этого репортажа не несёт никакого смысла. Разве что, немного символизма в большом количестве передвижений в один день: удалось побывать на четырёх мероприятиях.
Везде были музыка и песни. Везде производились записи.

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