Обаме придётся расстаться с BlackBerry

[en] We've seen one bad habit - smoking - been battled by the president-elect Barack Obama. The next one is expected to be mobile email with crackberry.

Как курить бросил, вступая в президентскую кампанию в прошлом году, так и с другой дурацкой привычкой – мобильной почтой на БлэкБерри – придётся завязать новоизбранному Бараку Обаме. Президенту США, как главнокомандующему, запрещается пользоваться электронной почтой и текстовыми сообщениями SMS.

Барак Обама с Блэкберри

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Bike: the Gallery of trademarks

A bike can bear a dozen (sometimes a good few dozens) trademarks.
Often times every one of them is depicted in many many ways.

Here’s an example of such a heavy “trademarking” – some shots of my own bike.
Take a look.

(click pictures for larger view)

The bike is Merida brand.
So the first TM is just that – seen on the steerer cap…
Next to it is the stem.

Very steep, very long, just the way it should be 🙂

One nifty feature on my stem is the gear speed chart – shows speed in KPH@80RPM.
Know your cadence!
Stem holds
the handle bar
It is …
The word behind the cyclocomputer bracket is “Tripple”
Bar ends (“horns”) is a stylish and handy compliment to the handlebar
Another TM on the front of the bike – the computer…
…rider sees it like this.
(On the photo: displays my yet another speed record 🙂
Handle bar from the rider’s view
An important thing which makes the computer work is…
the wheel magnet
Another gadget a rider sees – shifter window.
Here comes Shimano.
Shifters are integrated with brake levers (ugh… how un-pro)
Though they look more cool compared to the separated version 🙂
Brake lever
– bottom view
Ok, now, let’s move down.
Front of the head tube (the one holding the steering column inside of it)
Top of
the fork
Fork blades
I agree, this fork is for kidz.
But it’s got an adult-serious warning sticker 🙂
More fatty tubes…
The seat tube
Same tube,
rear view
Seatpost quick release.
Now see why the frame is rated 19″? 😉
Top tube
Merida’s main theme
Back to Shimano. The crankset
…from the opposite side.
Also shown: front derailer. Yeah, Turney, it’s a shame.
But some people consider using any of Shimano a “shame” 🙂
Merida once more.
In the top-left: the famous Shimano chain connecting pin (the 3rd one counting from the left)
Cassette sprockets. Alivio as well.
Too dirty to get a good shot of a TM
Rear derailer
Rear derailer’s tensioning pulley.
8 speed! 🙂
RD, bottom view
Mavic rim
So many stickers on that poor rim…
They must be waighing more than the rim itself
Front wheel
hadn’t been upgraded to the day of shooting – the original from the time of bike purchase
…as well as the tires…
…and the rear break pads. Not replaced in like couple years!
But I don’t use rear break anyway 😉
Watch another TM!
More shitty heritage – pedals (should go for SPD some day?).
What the TM is anyway??
Additional equipment is also trademarked…
Flask holder.
The flask itself is the same TM, AFAIK.
BTW that’s a bad flask. Gotta dump it in favour of a simple 0.5L Mirgorodska mineral water bottle

The whole thing:

Bigger image
Huge image

Written Jul 15 2003, Updated 3/26/04. Shots taken circa 6/12/03.
© 2003 Alexander “Top Cat” Stcheblikin. All Rights Reserved.
Camera courtesy b0ris.

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