Time lapse photography examples

[ru] Иллюстрация замедленной киносъёмки на примерах разгрузки грузовика, надувания гигантского мяча, установки палатки. Полный видео-ролик с аудио - см. ниже - последний из четырёх.
Снято во время поездки в монастырь в Овруче в октябре.

What good a $150 digicam can be? Have a look at these examples of time-lapse photography CHDK hack application.

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Broadcast-quality video no more with new PowerShot A590 from Canon

Canon PowerShot A590ISAfter the success of A570 IS the only thing missing would probably be a dimmer shell coloring. You know, bright silver is just too screamy for such a feature-rich camera.

I bet Canon knew the dark color (preferably black, but dark silver cuts it also) was the 2nd most wished attribute for this series (A500) of their PowerShot line. And here it comes: the dark A590 IS!
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New A720 IS ends coolness in Canon PowerShot “A” series

Canon PowerShot A720 ISCanon PowerShot A710 IS digicam being arguably the most (outwardly) cool compact yet usable digital camera in Canon’s A series is now “updated” in the product line-up by 0.9 megapixel + Face Detection upgrade A720 IS.

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