Contacts / Контакты

Experimental feature – call me from this web page!

The best way of getting in touch with me is by responding with a comment to a story of your interest within the blog.

You can also write to me privately at
(note: this is a temporary address, kinda honeypot for spammers)

Yet another way of contacting me is by plain old telephone.
Since I’m a phone geek I am usually happy to receive calls. The number is:
phone number in LA

I speak English and Russian so you can choose whichever language you’re comfortable with.
(Note to existing customers: please use other phone numbers provided to you personally in case this one is busy or something.)


One thought on “Contacts / Контакты

  1. Саш, лучше будет, если при нажатии на линк (напр., geek) пользователь не будет покидать твою страничку, а ссылка откроется в новом окне

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