My name is Alexander.

My main hobby is collecting sounds. This means quite a few of things actually:

  • I may be stuck at my “studio” fiddling with my sound collection, uploading samples thereof to the web in non-web quality, or making a new set of stereo microphones, or
  • I may hang out “on location” meeting some weird people – whom I record or who make notable noises which I record, or
  • I may ride my MTB to get to a really difficult location to make a unique recording.

See, this simple sounding pastime is quite capable of keeping anybody broadly busy. Certain related (or absolutely unrelated) activities are a subject of this blog too.

Also note, as I happen to write for the local folks, I may occasionally choose to use local language(s). This is for two reasons: better comprehension by the target audience and leaving the world audience free from uncomprehensible stuff.

And by the way, you’ve probably heard that a good writer is the one who reads a lot. I also tend to think that a good audio publisher should be listening to a lot of stuff too. Partially in an attempt to become a better sound-person I strive to listen to fine music.

Here are the last few songs I listened to recently

The last 12 musicians or bands holding my attention:

Wilhelm Kempff II
Lyubov Bruk & Mark Taimanov
Chick Corea Elektric Band
Complete Beethoven Vol. 16
Rafał Blechacz
Samson Francois
Marvin Gaye
Glenn Miller and His Orchestra
Roger Waters

Ahmad Jamal

The last 12 CD-albums I've been listening to:

Roger Waters / The Wall - Live In Berlin
Ahmad Jamal / Complete Recordings Cd1
Ahmad Jamal / Complete Recordings Cd2
Ahmad Jamal / Ahmad's Blues
Ahmad Jamal / Night Song
Ahmad Jamal / Poinciana
Ahmad Jamal / Chicago Revisited - Live At Joe Segal's Jazz Showcase
Ahmad Jamal / Blue Moon
Ahmad Jamal / Saturday Morning
Ahmad Jamal / A Quiet Time
? / ?

Last 12 songs from my playlist:

Ahmad Jamal / A Quiet Time / 02. The Love Is Lost
Ahmad Jamal / A Quiet Time / 03. Flight To Russia
Ahmad Jamal / A Quiet Time / 04. Petry
Ahmad Jamal / A Quiet Time / 05. Hi Fly
Ahmad Jamal / A Quiet Time / 06. My Inspiration
Ahmad Jamal / A Quiet Time / 07. After JALC (Jazz At Lincoln Center)
Ahmad Jamal / A Quiet Time / 08. A Quiet Time
Ahmad Jamal / A Quiet Time / 09. Tranquility
Ahmad Jamal / A Quiet Time / 10. The Blooming Flower
Ahmad Jamal / A Quiet Time / 11. I Hear A Rhapsody
? / ? / ?. Ahmad Jamal - Nature - The Essence Part III
? / ? / ?. Ahmad Jamal - Olympia

Guess that’s that.

Thanks for visiting and have a nice day!