Australia gone doom.

[ru] 62% "населения" Австралии в национальном опросе высказались за вымирание, или за узаконивание педерастии. Для контраста: ещё в 2013 году Государственная Дума РФ единогласно приняла закон о запрете антисемейной пропаганды.

News just in: 62% of Australian “population” voted for the extinction of the Australian population, that is in favor of sodomy. Of course, that wasn’t exactly the population voting, that was largely “democracy at work”, with megacorporations and governments making the most impact, but nevertheless the trend is revealing: people accept the evil.

Interestingly, the regions (NSW mostly) which held the most opposition (75%) against same-sex “marriages” are those dominated by the immigrants from the non-English-speaking countries with Lebanese, Greek and Indians making a good portion of its residents. This corroborates the link between the life-death dialectics with the East-West antagonism. New South Wales is also known to lead the country’s manufacturing, and it’s no wonder people of labor despise the abominable practices of the death-destined West.

Governments do play a significant role in spreading the plague. In the last three or so years people of Australia were bombarded by the state-sponsored Australian Broadcasting Corporation with virtually daily propaganda of pederasty. And now, as the public got conditioned enough to have largely submitted to the pressure, the Blaxland MP Jason Clare, whose constituents voted overwhelmingly for no, confirmed he still intended to vote in favour of a same-sex marriage bill.

What a tremendous contrast Russian government makes here! They just stated outright that they will not tolerate a faintest attempt at promoting of the blatant moral corruption within its territory. The bill was passed promptly reinforcing penalties for this type of felony.

Australian businesses too are now anticipating new opportunities for the growth in the bakery and related industries as they are expecting a spike in cakes orders from the new “couples” “wedding” celebrations.

Is this perhaps a birth control measure? Australia population seems to be growing steadily after the World War II, with recent years seeing even faster increase. They could try to export such an experience to China even. Ah! wait! Isn’t that population growth owing to immigration?! Indeed, at closer look the natural growth appears to decline rapidly down under and is expected to be negative by 2030 (Was that prediction made in an anticipation of pederasty spread by any chance?)

So sad, Australia reckoned in the East, failed to stand against the Western seduction and broke off. Apparently, colonial ties haven’t been completely cut off in 1942. In fact, it is a new sort of colonial dependency in effect. The same as the one being established in Ukraine since 1991.

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