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I’ve been a fan of Internet radio for a while, that thing widens your horizons, even if only by a little bit. My favorite stations have been Australia’s Radio National and BBC Radio 4. Very much educational and thought-provoking. Radio National even has become known as the Ideas Network.

However, considering those fine stations started to rot under the worldly pressure to give prominence to various perversions recently, I decided to investigate other possibilities in the world of Internet radio.

A couple of Russian stations came to my attention: Radonezh & Vera FM. That is all good and fine, but I wanted something in English also.

Google revealed that this area is covered quite poorly. There is a lot of radio stations online broadcasting in Greek and even in Arabic, and a few English language Orthodox sites out there have their radio sections shut down or otherwise unavailable.

The only working station found was the radio of “My Orthodox Christian Network”.

At first, it sounded to me very much like a typical Charismatic outlet: many women preachers, a lot of pathetics in the sermons and so on.

When I gave it some time to set in me, however, I discovered there are some really fine people speaking there.

For instance, in a program about becoming an “instant mom”, that is becoming a parent by adopting a child, a speaker voiced some really deep reflections. Like, “You have a plan, He has a plan, and your plan doesn’t matter.” Or, “Parenting is a very humbling experience.” – Things you probably never hear on a Protestant talk show.

And, as for the excessive “patheticism” – it is all up there in other channels too: in Protestant as well as in Russian Orthodox. But overall, I am quite impressed with MyOCN.

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