Action camera temptation

Lately I’ve been pondering about getting an action camera for my bike rides and possibly for other activities too. I have almost started craving for it. After all, it looks so cool sometimes.

But after watching a few more footages made with the rigs I was envisioning constructing myself I have realized that without proper stabilization it becomes quite annoying very soon.

And the stabilization device can be several times more expensive (and several times more weighty) than the camera itself.

Currently available stabilizers are so inconvenient to use, that even GoPro promo clips are made without them.

So the action camera makers need to get concerned with Image Stabilization technology to have the tech built into the camera.

But even then, after “becoming a hero” – like GoPro suggests – what’s the point of such videos? Why would you want to make people live your life through your camera?

What else struck me during those videos watch is the lack of focus. Not in a technical sense, of course. What ever happened to the good old travel photography where a “filmmaker” had to stop and think what they want to say with their work? What do I really want to tell with the help of my new “Hero 3 HD”?

Remember, the first rule of filmmaking (even the documentary one) is to tell a story well. Without a good story well told this kind of shooting becomes little more than a banal case of bragging about one’s “heroism”.

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