Internet quality audio

“Internet quality!” – that has become a proverbial reference of most all audio recordings on the web… It’s amazing how they manage to achieve such a “turn-off” sound in MP3 files with massive bitrates like 256 kbps, a sad commonality of today’s internet audio. Let alone recordings of sub-128 kbps quality.

Nothing like that can be said of audio materials found here on

First of all, only original sound recordings are published here. They’re being captured in no less than CD-Audio quality (uncompressed 44.1 kHz/16bit) or 48/24bit and higher with high fidelity microphones, mic preamps and ADC’s.

Secondly, raw audio material is processed employing industry’s best practices without excessive NR’ing and other amateurish techniques. It is then encoded into MP3 with very reasonable settings (MP3-VBR lame -V 4, resulting in ABR of 150 kbps – not too low, so it is still listenable and not too big, so it is still downloadable) for www distribution.

Just have a listen.

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