Time lapse photography examples

[ru] Иллюстрация замедленной киносъёмки на примерах разгрузки грузовика, надувания гигантского мяча, установки палатки. Полный видео-ролик с аудио - см. ниже - последний из четырёх.
Снято во время поездки в монастырь в Овруче в октябре.

What good a $150 digicam can be? Have a look at these examples of time-lapse photography CHDK hack application.

Here, a truck full of books is being unloaded. The video is 36 times faster than real-time.

There was a 3 seconds interval between each two consecutive shots when the original photographs were automatically taken and the frame rate in the resulting video is set to 12 frames per second.

The original photos were 1600×1200 pixels each, which would easily allow for HD video or for some cropping and zooming freedom. The generic PAL-DVD format was chosen for compatibility. (The DVD ISO image and a separate VOB file of a compilation of all these time-lapse episodes is available at the end of the article.)

Notice the stack of books depleting. Also notice the shadows from the sun moving.

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A ball for giant basketball being inflated by electric pump. 36x real-time too.

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Here’s a lengthier video of a tent being slowly installed by newbies.
Because of extreme slowness of the process this piece of video had to be sped up by 75 times to real-time.

Notice the classic cloudscapes motion.

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Now, all of the above plus some slower time-lapses (like 2x-3x real time) compiled into a video report [about young people from Kiev hanging out visiting monastery in Ovruch].

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This video clip is also available in high quality SD PAL DVD-Video image format, or download just a VOB file to watch immediately without burning a disc. [200 MB]

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