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[ru] PRSTEREO-blog вырос до PR4. Это был полный сюрприз после примерно двух лет в капкане PR3. Другой (довольно известный) сайт потерял PR с PR6 до PR3 за тот же период, имея в 60 раз больше посетителей. Вот и верь показателю Пейдж-Ранк после этого. Хотя для рекламодателей хороший ранк (или ранг?) бывает привлекателен.

It’s been long since I last checked Google PageRank for homepage ofSTEREO-blog and… a surprise here: it is PageRank 4 already!

To be honest, I’ve almost given up getting out of a “PR3 spell” about a year ago.

I’ve been watching backlinks slowly but naturally building forSTEREO-blog, yet no PR advancements were observed for a really long time. At the same time I was more than pleased with SERP’s for many keywords I considered important for this site. So I simply stopped bothering about PR.

Still, bigger PR is good for negotiating higher advertising prices. Or, if it ain’t big at all, – a one-point PR increase may serve as an incitement to start advertising advances in the first place. That’s just what I’ve done once I knew about the new PR – I added a new page and a site menu item: Advertising.

Interesting to note, this whole PR growth forSTEREO-blog didn’t take a penny on my side. I’ve never got a banner or a paid link anywhere, ever. The stuff I’m writing is mostly random rants, often with month-long breaks – something absolutely inappropriate in pro-blogging.

I’d also checked Page Rank for another website – one which served as a good example forSTEREO-blog design and was a source of a number of other ideas at the time – and here’s another surprise.‘s PR dropped from PR6 to PR3 in the last couple years! And Connected Internet is in the top 50,000 world websites, while STEREO is currently floating around 1M Alexa traffic rank.

I guess that is just another illustration of uselessness of Page Rank per se.

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