Two Moons [Restored from WP “Add media” bug]

[ru] Две луны восстановлены!
После апгрейда вордпресса решил попробовать новую фичу "Add media". Показалось что сработало, а на самом деле оно не учло местных настроек и картинка была недоступна пока ...спамер не написал в комментариях: "Красиво смотрятся!". Тут я вспомнил, что сам ещё не видел, как там они смотрятся на сайте...

Having upgraded WordPress at I decided to try out [fixed now] a new (I was on WP 2.2 before) feature – “Add media”.

From what I’ve observed in admin panel the image file uploaded just fine, though at a URL I didn’t intend it to be (I had changed the default /wp-content/uploads/ to a more reasonable /images/ right after WP install long ago).

However, since it went so smoothly without SSH commands for remote copying I was used to, I just left it alone. The image URL is almost invisible and the all-so-important keywords are imbedded in filename anyway.

Unfortunately, it didn’t upload at the URL it displayed in Write Post page. In fact, the path /wp-content/uploads/ doesn’t exist at my server. The file did upload at the specified /images/ folder, only a bug in WP prevented the correct image URL to be used in the Post text.

I don’t know for how long the bug would go unnoticed, but a spammer came to throw in some irony. They’ve said speaking of the two moons: “They look nice!”. Then I’d realized I didn’t see myself how they look at the site’s front…

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