“The World” in Yalta, Ukraine

[ru] Более сотни миллионеров дают Украине совместный визит на самой большой в мире частной плавучей "хрущевке". Дом-корабль называется "Мир" и стоит по несколько дней в портах Ялта, Одесса.
Квартира-студио 29 кв.м стоит $900 тыс., квартплата $5000. Квартиры до 300 м.
Посторонних на борт не пускают, однако есть метод.

World’s largest private yacht named “The World” shows in Ukraine.

It is so big it hides half the city of Yalta when observed from the sea.

I’d guess she is to overshadow the whole of the Odessa where the vessel coasts to from Yalta.

196 metres long, 43000 tons (Titanic was 269 m while of almost the same tonnage at 46000)

165 privately owned apartments onboard 29 to 300 sq.m ea (prices for smallest studios start at near $900K with $5K monthly maintenance).

Those 165 residences usually host only around 150 passengers (Titanic took more than 2000) served by a crew of 250.

This is surely pretty expensive. Needless to say tickets are never on sale, the only official way to get aboard “The World” without purchasing an apartment at full price is to apply for a rented stay for a minimum of 6 nights at $2K a night. However, here’s a possible solution for pennyless entry:

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