Broadcast-quality video no more with new PowerShot A590 from Canon

Canon PowerShot A590ISAfter the success of A570 IS the only thing missing would probably be a dimmer shell coloring. You know, bright silver is just too screamy for such a feature-rich camera.

I bet Canon knew the dark color (preferably black, but dark silver cuts it also) was the 2nd most wished attribute for this series (A500) of their PowerShot line. And here it comes: the dark A590 IS!

Besides nice color (BTW the new color is the first thing they mention in the official press-release for the model) Canon even added a new “feature” – Motion Detection.

Yet, it ultimately adds to the trend of downgrading overall consumer photo-gear range.

With this camera Canon no longer offers broadcast-quality video recording capability to a newbie digicam user.

A570 sported full NTSC 30 frames per second, A590 can do only 20 fps which is less than even regular film (24 fps) and will probably feel skippy on most scenes, like video from a mobile phone.

Now you cannot shoot “real” video with a budget equipment.

Among other downgrades within PowerShot lineup:

  • Dropping of CF support in favor of SD (A75 → A510, G6 → G7)
  • no more PASM and conversion lenses support in cheaper models (A520 → A530)
  • Video frame rate restricted to 20 fps. While 30 fps in A570 might be considered an overkill for a still camera, 20 fps is just too low (A570 → A590)
  • RAW image format disabled (G6 → G7, now available thru CHDK hack)
  • Slowing lens by 1 stop from F/2 to F/2.8 (G6 → G7, although IS was added compensating 1-2 stops back)
  • Change to a fixed LCD from vari-angle, remote control dropped (G6 → G7)

All of these are presumably meant to push consumers towards more expensive products, maybe dSLR’s.

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