DOW -777: Lucky number for American Proletariat

[ru] Палата представителей проголосовала против плана забрать у налогоплательщиков 700 млрд долл. для спасения финансовой системы США. Фондовый рынок обвалился моментально. Лидеры Конгресса, Президент, Министр финансов утверждают, что простой труженик тоже пострадает. Непонятно - как? Инвестиций у него нет, одни долги, кредиторы вот-вот обанкротятся, нефть подешевела на 10%. В чём же проблема маленького человека?

Small businesses having difficulties getting credit? What about local investors financing them directly, cutting the middleman (the major banks-exploiters) in the way? The middle class should consider moving their investments from the abstract “markets” to the tangible local enterprise.

The House of Representatives failed to support the $700bn Wall Street bailout plan. In just two hours, market (DJIA) plummeted 777 points (almost 7%).

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson (the main promoter of the program and the man whose signature we can see on dollar notes since 2006) came out of the White House and said:

“I’m very disappointed in today’s vote … Families too feel the credit crunch as it becomes more difficult to get car loans …”

At the same time, a typical response on the Main Street is “If I’m gonna get on a breadline to teach the fat guy on the Wall Street – so be it!”

Now, could it be the American families just don’t need the credit that much? May be, people came to their senses and do not want a second car or a bigger house – in contrast to what the media strongly suggests?

It is estimated that investors have lost in excess of $1tn in this turmoil. (Isn’t that a sufficient substitute for the $700bn?)

In the end, who’s loosing when markets fall? It’s the rich man. The one who’s about to benefit from the $700bn extorted from a poor worker. It is unfair to claim the bailout is to help people of America. It is to save The System. The same which corrupts people to lend them more money to charge even more.

Куда деть 700 млрд? What would you do with $700bn?

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