Top Commentators little trick

As you might have noticed already, now offers its most active commentators a no nofollow” link.

Now, a number of probloggers have been discovered suggesting these tips for efficient promotion (for commentators‘ own sites) with the “Show Top Commentators” feature found more and more often on all kinds of blogs these days:

  • Comment under different names on the same blog.
    This way you may get not one, but two (or more) links to your site. This is the biggie.
    (You can also promote different pages of your site, not only the front page.)
  • Use a descriptive string in place of your name.
    Personal names aren’t especially descriptive usually, better choices would be sitename or your product/service name.
  • and, of course, choose a blog with a higher Google PR – the links you earn will give you greater return on your time investments.

Happy commenting!

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2 thoughts on “Top Commentators little trick

  1. Hi John!

    You are the living proof of the trick concept described 🙂
    (no pun intended, just a bit of revelation to my readers)

    BTW, in another comment left by you on STEREO you stated that Akismet didn’t let in a single spam comment for your site. But all(!) of your own comments here got cought in the quarantine! Any ideas why? 😉
    (and the comment really had nothing to do with the post, so I had to confirm it’s spam, sorry)

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