Traffic dynamics after taking care of the site

Traffic growth for looks promising now: traffic dynamics for Jul-Oct 2007

Especially so in the light of having been largely neglected until late July 2007 since the last record was published in January. No wonder traffic plummeted then.

During that time I occasionally blogged my “first” blog hosted under at the time. As you can see, the results looked mediocre at best as well: traffic for 2007
(Notes: 1. July has seen my first photo posts. 2. Scale is about 6x to the 1st bar graph)

I didn’t feel enough inspiration for a full-blown audio blog, but I thought blogging is cool, so in July I decided to move to the more prominent main web space (“www.”) and merge it with what was there originally (a desolate audio blog).

In addition, I did switch the following:

  • repudiated Joomla in favor of WordPress,
  • updated design for usability, sacrificing style,
  • started blogging regularly (initial target was “at least 3 posts per week” instead of the former “couple articles per month”, now it’s more like “a post a weekday”, heading towards classic “a post a day”)

You’ve seen the result above.

Note about stats accuracy:
Statistics are very reliable, I believe. A special technique for filtering out spam bots from Apache httpd log files has been employed for the report Feb-Oct 2007 ( and Jul-Oct 2007 (

BTW, January 2007 for has been left unfiltered of bots – just to show the effect of filtering (traffic “dropped” in February in the graph shown, while it was on the rise in the original, unfiltered stats) spammed stats for 2007

As a sidenote, I’d like to mention that 301 Permanent Redirects are absolutely good at mooving sites. Looks like no traffic has been lost when all pages moved from to (with permalink structure redesigned twice along the move!).

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