Pastors are bloggers, basically

Blogging is a hot topic today. Long past the times when people boasted, “I’ve got a website”, now it’s “I’ve got a weblog“. Blogs are brisk and lively, unlike traditional websites they keep the audience tuned and entertained.

Now, Christian churches have long been like this. (Here comes the question of who’s original, but that’s another story.)

Just stop for a moment at the service in a church to watch the pastor and the congregation from the web angle.
Ain’t the setting similar to a typical blog?

  • Quoting (referencing) is imperative to blogging.
    – Preachers cite Bible in like every other sentence.
  • Humor noticeably boosts blog’s popularity.
    – In modern churches good pastors always bring up something funny to keep assembly awaken.
  • Personal mark is what differentiates blogs from other mass media and makes individual blogs stand out.
    – Often times sermons revolve around a story from pastor’s own life.
  • Blog is a time-based (time-sensitive) media format, thus blog posts are expected to touch current events.
    – Pastors who really care about their churches tend to use recent church and family events to illustrate certain sermon points.
  • Audience size speaks of a blog’s success.
    – To the world, big churches appeal more as they are perceived more popular and more attractive.
  • Comments are essential to blogs, although some blogs block or heavily moderate comments.
    – Sermon time isn’t a press-conference, hence remarks from the listeners are not expected. Yet, pastors are expected to chat with the congregation after the service.
  • Popular bloggers provoke marginal topics not normally discussed or involving questionable ideas.
    – Contemporary preachers tend to talk about stuff like prosperity, money, sexuality, church problems and so on more freely.
  • Finally, blogs raise funds by not selling anything directly.
    – Church attendance is also neither by tickets nor by monthly subscription of a tenth of your income; and whether you come for spiritual reasons or for entertainment, you are not obliged to give. Still, you give.
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