Opera improvements in 9.5

Opera browser – the pioneer of the browsing sessions concept – now allows saving only the active window as a session.

Previously, if one worked on several projects and wanted to restart the browser for some reason they had to restore all the projects’ browsing windows on browser startup, or…go tweak the saved session file. That’s surely quite a mess, hindering the purpose of focusing on a single project.

Among other cool new features in Opera 9.5 are:

  • Added Local file auto-completion to Address bar.
    Even Windows’ cmd command line supports that for ages, why wouldn’t a modern browser be any better?
  • New internal page, opera:historysearch, which searches the content of visited pages.
    Nice, as long as you remember that internal address when you need it the most.
  • Added F5 (Refresh) for news feeds view.

Also, some follies have been fixed, like:

  • Re-enabled Status bar by default and moved some UI elements from View bar to Status bar.
    Why would anybody ever want to disable status bar? I mean, for a screen area you can always press F11 for temporary full-screen (standard for ALL browsers BTW), or you could simply move the browser window down the screen to make status bar disappear below the screen edge (nonsense anyway).
  • Disabled SSL v2 and weak ciphers.
    At last. This was essential for security since US government lifted famous 40-bit key length restrictions…
    However, another new feature – Allow installation of certificates that generate warnings – isn’t so right, indulging in social engineering.
  • Disable “Allow raising of windows” by default.
    Good. Gotta like windows raising only by user’s consent.
  • Many nice updates to keyboard shortcuts, especially removing Alt-F3 for page source view – too close to the all too dangerous Alt-F4, and 0 – for zooming.
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