Life Balance is back to work

Life Balance logoFor an application like Life Balance trial period shouldn’t be that short. That was surely the chief discouragement for me when I first tried it last year. I just didn’t feel serious enough entering my tasks into the Outline to see how it works.

So my take is: either you have to get a highly compelling recommendation from someone trusted to make a purchase right away or, Llamagraphics should describe in detail on how to retain your valuable data between multiple trial installs/deinstalls.

Life Balance is meant to help you plan “Your life as a whole”, so it seams irrelevant to allow only 30 days to see if it fits you. On the other hand, if the trial period would be extended to say 120 days Llamagraphics would definitely get much more hooked users. And in the long run most of them inevitably would end up plunking down the hefty amount of money asked instead of routinely going re-installs throughout their lives.

About blogging and Life Balance.

It was amazing to see how low the “write an article” task was ranked in the dynamic To-Do list after I entered my major (as it seemed) tasks into Life Balance. That contributed a lot to the silence here for the last couple of days. Setting “Time” for “write an article” to “Routinely” repeating daily didn’t help to promote it anywhere close to the top of To-Do’s.

This little piece of productivity software profoundly indicates that blogging isn’t the important part of my life. May be it will become once I start putting up ads for profit and accordingly change the “importance” for the parent tasks of the “write an article” all the way up to “my life as a whole” (root of the Outline), but for the time being I see I’m not going to substantially increase the publishing rate here.

BTW note the SEO’ish talk used on the Life Balance promo page at Yet it reads pretty easily. Just brilliant.

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