EnterEX 2007 / expoTEL 2007 – the host of crooks

EnterEXEnterEX 2007 seems to prove to be not only the total failure (in terms of mass last-minute revoked participations) after 2006’s peak exhibition performance, but also a host of choice for the world-class scammers.

[Russian] Выставка Информационные технологии для бизнеса EnterEX 2007 показала себя не только, как грандиозный провал после успеха 2006 года, но и как пристанище для мошенников мирового класса.

I’ve faced three of the kind:


A well known underground web company trying to sell simple web-hosting packages under the wrapping of “e-commerce” packages.
Distinctively they employ the “Herbalife” approach to promote their “way”, i.e. they use a sort of pyramid, which I guess is semi-illegal in the area they originated from.

First I was wondering how did they even get to an exhibition of such caliber (EnterEX is a “business” – not a hoax – exhibition after all), and later it all started to clear out…

TechniCall, or Voice1Direct, or …

This one is special…

Back in USA it is (was?) “a full-service Internet Service Provider” (after merger with CyberConnectics) also providing “Digital Phone Service”.

Here in Kiev, Ukraine they are offering a VoIP package ($69 at the scene – “sale” price, while selling at Ebay for $54 “buy it now”) consisting of:

  • analog phone adapter – a proprietary device locked to their network ambitiously called “Firefox 100”,
  • 1 month VoIP subscription worth $25 with a US local phone number

John Ogden on KATU-TVJohn Ogden himself arrived to EnterEX 2007 to represent their service!

I went ahead and asked John a bunch of questions and among other things he was rejecting vigorously any possibility of using their “Firefox” hardware with other service providers. He enjoyed to mention how he is in power to unlock the “Firefox” and not wishing to do so for a whim. Ok, I thought, I’m used to even more severe selfishness…

However, I was greatly impressed with the offering so I was blind to many shortcomings and continued bargaining.
My 1st achievement was $20 off the package thanks to commutation of their most expensive $25 plan bundled with the purchase for the cheapest $5 one.

On the 2nd exhibition day I came to John to ask more questions – about vocoders, protocols, security, calling features CallerID/call-waiting/etc AND… compatibility with 3rd party devices like D-Link DVG-2001S VoIP Phone Adapter.

Turned out the TechniCall system does (or did?) support all the modern standards: SIP, G.729, and even T.38 for fax (only who does faxes at home these days?).

Here the surprise came: John reluctantly started to agree to such scenario – 3rd party hardware connected to their network. He even agreed to give me an American phone number for a $5 monthly subscription with no proprietary hardware purchase!

Well, won’t I say happy I was!

(Though I wasn’t especially happy about “security thru obscurity” approach professed by John Ogden as well as some obscure talk in other areas)

AAMOF I was so excited talking I didn’t notice exhibition day #2 arriving to the close.

Only then I was informed that there’s currently no way to test the features we were talking about – THE WHOLE 2ND EXHIBITION DAY THE SERVICE EXHIBITED was completely DOWN – how dare they didn’t tell me from the beginning of the talk…

To make the story short – I made my usual investigation which always follows such nuisances – the finding was, their service was miraculously UP the 1st day.

Their other services are down for many weeks (according to CNET Forums) at the time of writing:

All the websites are down:

  • www.technicallnetworks.com
  • www.tcall.net
  • www.Voice1Direct.com

All the phones are disconnected or suspended (toll free numbers) or unreachable (503 numbers; they were reachable a day before)

  • 503-586-0600 (+15035860600) – Administrative Contact for TECHNICALLNETWORKS.COM
  • 877-986-4231 (+18779864231) – contact # indicated on a booklet distributed at EnterEX
  • 877-605-8307 (+18776058307) – Customer support
  • 866-466-2170 (+18664662170) – Customer Service # indicated on the “Firefox 100” top

Also, a report by Shellie Bailey-Shah of KATU – Portland, Oregon based TV channel 2 has been found. They’ve interviewed John Ogden and some of his creditors as well as dissatisfied customers.

It remains a great mystery how did they intend for the new customers buying stuff at the exhibition to activate the service if all the websites were down for so long already (and they did mention the quick web activation to every interested person at their stand).

[Russian exclusive] ЗАО “Объединение ЮГ” www.yug.com.ua

Эта компания обратила на себя внимание своим стилем зарабатывания – на эзотеричности понятия “информационная безопасность“.

Проблемы, замеченные во время конференции “Аудит информационной безопасности”:

  • упор на имеющиеся у компании сертификаты (особенно государственные), а не на реальные достижения и пользу для клиентов, уход от прямых ответов на вопросы по сути безопасности;
  • презентацию проводили два человека, стоящие один – слева и другой – справа от экрана проектора, по очереди читающие абзацы с проектора.
    Это выглядело, во-первых, смешно – так, в паре, обычно выступают артисты развлекательного жанра по телевизору, а во-вторых, явно преследовалась цель рассредоточить внимание публики,
    в-третьих – если я ошибся по первым двум пунктам – такая презентация, как минимум, сильно размазывает (анонимизирует) лицо компании и является свидетельством грубого (проигрышного) подхода к бизнесу;
  • плохая подготовка презентеров – масса слов-паразитов даже несмотря на то, что всё произносимое читалось с экрана; зацикленность на списке стандартов – даже не потрудились перевести названия на русский язык, на котором проходила эта международная конференция, произносили исключительно зазубренные названия на государственном языке.

Потенциальные заказчики, будьте бдительны при выборе поставщика услуг в области безопасности.

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14 thoughts on “EnterEX 2007 / expoTEL 2007 – the host of crooks

  1. As to Ogden hold on to your wallet — You might want to check with the Oregon AG office or the Wage and Hour division — seems he fails to pay employees, suppliers and provide refunds to customers

  2. I at least appreciate the ability here to write a response to a person who claims here to be so righteous and the worlds Knight for exposing crooks. Well I must Alexander you made yourself a total fool and idiot when you came to our Booth in this Trade Show. Only idiots like you do not know reality from fiction and I challenge you to to prove your comments. I clearly remember much of your questions and obviously you a deceitful person. You came into into our booth like the a crook yourself in Monks clothing. No name, no proper identification. No real purpose but idiot questions and foolish behavior of trying to tell us your going to buy a $40 D Link ATA and that you would come back and ask us to program it ans sign up I believe for the $5 program. YOU never did. What you fail as an idiot, is that from competitive advantage is that we offer our Service with both a pricing and hardware superior functions. Our devices are not geared to allow them to be used to have our competitors compete equally with our Firefox 100. I suggest you really do your homework(research) and you will find here in the USa if you go into chain stores to buy ATA at ridiculously low prices that the firmware has been tweaked to work only with that Service Provider, Vonage the USA largest provider is that way, do I have to do your dirty work for you, do you need to know that they lost a Law Suit with Verizon for patent infringement for $52 Million US dollars. Which reminds me, you proved your idiotic intentions and total lack of ability when you accused me in the Booth that I copied the name Firefox from the Firefox Browser, are you honestly that naive? We have been using the Firefox name since 1992 with our Firefox 400 IAD. You need a real wake up call in doing Detective work. So lets put it to the challenge Alexander if that is your real name???? We left our products behind in Kiev and they are currently being used. So why don’t we ask you to show yourself and lets say three witnesses and prove our Service works. The you can politely apologize and retract your lying statements? Otherwise those that know you will come to learn your useless Detective. Oh by the way all our numbers have changed and been posted to our Web Site, again you failed to do your homework and if you did what you say you would you could have asked when you said you would return. Oh one last thing, you mention KATU which for you is simple Internet search tool, you failed to also know that law suits when different parties related to this article had been filed and we WON. So please go and do your homework and be a real Detective. So are you ready to save the real world from real fakers or continue to make an ASS of yourself?

  3. Alexander I have more to say, you mention one price here on Ebay $54 and $69 in Kiev. Again if you were so good at being the worlds No 1 Samaritan and stop trying to be a “wanna be Detective” and trying so hard to be dressed in Monks clothing like the days of Grimaldis, you would have really either asked me, why the pricing differentia?l and the answer would have been we offered a promotional discount on Ebay and coming into Kiev you have a 10% import duty and then another VAT tax of 20%. Please go and verify for yourself and let your readers see again how your lack of detective work has lead them astray from appreciating a real service with a real product. Honestly your have got to be the Worlds biggest dumbest idiot. If your real MAN your would put your REAL FULL NAME behind your claims and stop hiding with Monks clothing.

  4. Again bad reporting b you Alexander all the Web Sites are down, hmmm again you must have some useless PC or be totally inept finding your way to a Web Site. Please do yourself a favor do a proper detective job or find yourself in Court with a Slander Law Suit.

  5. I have been in VoIP distribution for both wholesale and retail for the past three years. Specifically with resellers (ISP’s and independent data companies) I have seen every agreement and listened to alot of “castles in the clouds” presentations on the viability of providers and have worked with Ogden’s product for over a year. Here is what I know, the product and service is superior to any others on the domestic market, the activations and monthly charges are less than national competitors.

    Ogden is an innovator.

    I used to have multicarrier relationships and now have consolidated them to Technicall’s (Voice1 Direct) for three reasons. The faxing capability (no-other company can do this, call quality and fair contract. This industry is plagued by wannabes and I am satisfied with Ogden’s performance.

    They laughed at Edison for the lightbulb and Howard Hughes when he wanted to build an airplane that flies above the weather. Said it could not be done. Ogden has delivered for me and my customers, and am confident he will do so in the future.

    About the “fraud” claims with CybCon and the news report. What I know is there are always two sides to every story. I saw what happened first hand as it is not as was reported.

    KATU did not do a complete investigation,from what I read they only interviewed the people involved that supported their sensational agenda and edited the story to match their spin.

    The customers I have engaged with Technicall have been happy with the service on ease and functionality and profit margins they are realizing.

    If you want to have a service where it can be bundled with any type of access, especially wireless you WILL make money. John Ogden is one of the few that has a high level of integrity and does the right thing by both his resellers and customers.

    That I do know.


  6. Interesting I called all the numbers listed on the Web Site and they all rang. I then checked with some others I know were on the Service and the quality of the calls where quite good. I then checked with the DG office reported above about Investigations and etc and found all Matters closed. All I can say I pay and and I get the quality of Service you would expect over other providers.

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  8. Interesting that the Technicall Networks Site is not even a registered domain anymore. They are still in DEBT with the IRS and many other Agencys and has also made a FCC list for frequency violations. If you check out thier new site that has taken 5 years to start and the WEB DESIGN IS STILL NOT RIGHT half the links dont work and you cannot signup. John Ogden and Scott Lee are frauds anyone who decides to use Voice1Direct or Technicall Networks or is or will be going into business with John P. Ogden might you know that this is a hoax and you might think this is a investment but I warn you everything you read here from “petter Mather” and “Bret Deering” are just people who have invested in Mr Ogdens brilliant hoaxes and are desperate not to loose thier investments. Johns service sounds great because they have no customers but bump up 40 active calls it seriously starts to degrade and they use Asterisk for a call server (a freeware voip server) to handle thier calls not even a notable system like cisco. YOU WILL BE RIPPED OFF.

  9. I am not an Investor in any business and I am strictly a customer. Mr Yost I don’t even know who you are so I don’t appreciate my name being used for any character assassination. I for one do not believe any of the negatives here and I can only say the Service has been great. Ogden has continued to fulfill service delivery and I appreciate the Wireless Broadband and Phone service. Keep it up John the benefits are great!

  10. Oh Really mr Mather? You must be an investor of john’s about to take it up the butt. Did you happen to check out http://www.voice1direct.com ? Thier website? NOTHING WORKS ON IT? How can you BE A CUSTOMER WHEN THEY CANNOT EVEN GET A WEBSITE WORKING. 3 Years and nothing works to this day.


    Must be one of John Ogden’s bitches

    I will continue to post information every place I can find a place to warn people of this crappy business. John’s Last business did not fail because he was hacked. His last business failed because they were spending money on trips and vacations and didn’t pay thier T1/T3 Circuits. After beeing complete retards they moved thier equipment to a location in downtown portland to use some of his “friends” bandwidth, And that is when the server became hacked. Their Network Engineer was on vacation when they screwed up, and they tried to fix a very complicated setup not knowing anything about it.

    So I can stress and say that John Ogden, Scott Lee, Terry Sine and Chris Brewer are all scam artists and have no real intention of doing business but collecting money with the cheapest means of technology avalible.

  11. Mr. Steve Mc Mahon, a former employee conducts himself in illegal activities to say the least. Our web site is quite active and linked properly. Further our Network is not built around the any of the items you mentioned which in fact was 4 year ago. Please Mr Mc Mahon, get a reality check. As a leading Public Listed Company with a operating presence in several countries now, we cannot help find your commentary quite comical. Nonetheless you know nothing our business and your aggressive behavior towards our past and current employees will only lead to a Slander and defamation of character Law Suit. We are preparing the Claim against you and others including this Web Site which is hosted in California but operate in Ukraine. Steve, pretending to be another person and slandering is quite wrong. You have been advised. Steve, if you have a grudge, then take the necessary legal action, that is what a Court Room is for.We wish you all the best in whatever you may do.

  12. The President/CEO conned hundreds of thousands of dollars from investors and failed to use those funds for the purposes intended. Instead he spent thousands of dollars on trips to Europe and other destinations overseas. There are numerous lawsuits that have been filed against him and the company over the years, none of which were decided in his favor.

    He entered into purchase agreements to purchase other Internet Service Provider Companies, which he used the incomes off those companies for his own use instead of paying what needed to be paid including the balance of the contract. Those companies have been shut down due to the loss of customers because of outages. The two major companies that were purchased were CyberConnectics of Wilsonville, OR and Lightning Connect of Corpus Christi, TX.

    His employment practices include failing to pay employees for work done as well as failing to file reports to the appropriate State Authorities.

  13. The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) warns against the purchase of the shares of the Voice 1 direct Ltd.. (ISIN: CA92862M1059). Currently recommended phone and fax shares of the Company to purchase.

    There is evidence of false and misleading statements in the purchase recommendations. Furthermore, there may exist conflicts of interest, no reference is made to the! Due to the suspicion of market manipulation, the BaFin has initiated an investigation.

  14. Another company purchased by john ogden, SpiritOne out of texas was moved to portland oregon and went thru another issue that was the same as described above and there is news reports about this as well. John Ogden continues to scam people over and over again. This guy must be stopped. He needs to be in JAIL for FRAUD. He conducts himself as a business person, but when it comes down to it he is just a LOW LIFE CROOK! Never believe anything this man or a associate of any company he is affiliated with. He is a low life bum who is only interested in profiting for his personal interests. He uses financial gain for his personal needs instead of business purposes. He is no better than a DONALD TRUMP. Hey John Ogden… Why dont you issue me my refund,. It’s been 6 years…. 1006.83 dollars you owe me.

    A Unhappy Customer.
    Die John Ogden. Die Die Die you worthless pile of pig shit

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