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In the epoch of Web 2.0 everything has to promote you (your website). If you’ve got a t-shirt with a writing – that must be your URL. In your email signature use URL too. Right? Nope. While static URL on a t-shirt might be Ok, it is now seen so Web 1.0‘ish in any electronic media. Because electronic static means “stale” in web people’s minds.

So at the very least you should update your electronic “signatures” (snippets of text at the end of your electronic messages) very regularly – like daily – to go with the fashion. Better yet – have your signature updated even after the message has been distributed and recieved by the target audience!

To have your forum or email signature updated with the latest headlines from yuor blog use the “Headline Animator” feature by FeedBurner, so your signature may look like this:

Dynamic signature forSTEREO-blog

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