So we've gathered for a "Super Saturday" to have some practice.

Opened with "I Want To Know You More" and some chatter. [mp3]

As people settled for their positions in the room, microphones had to be relocated.
Here's much better sounding main part [mp3] (49 minutes A-B stereo recording, here in 160 kbps VBR joint stereo)

Christine Pierquet was leading all the way (you can hear her in the right all the time)

the songs were:

Open the Eyes of My Heart

followed by Hillsong's
My Redeemer Lives

and more by Chris Tomlin and Louie Giglio/Six Step Music
Holy Is The Lord

The last (and so great!) in the recording (but not in the day)
How Great is our God (Sing with me)

[the battery run out here]

Recorded in a small office of about 25 sq.m.

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