Frank Lacy, Пьотр Войташик et al

Petr Voytashik Quartet, Poland, Frank Lacy (trombone, vocals) and a few other musicians performed some live jazz in Kiev on Sunday, October 8.

Petr Voytashik (Пьотр Войташик or Пьотр Войтасик) – trumpet
Frank Lacy – trombone, vocals
Vladimir Nesterenko (Владимир Нестеренко) – piano
Arkady Ovrutsky (Аркадий Овруцкий) – bass (guitar)
Kshishtov Granchik (Кшиштов Гранчик) – drums

The Big Hall of The Opera Studio of Chaykovsky National Musical Academy, Kiev.
(Большой зал Оперной студии Национальной музыкальной Академии им. Чайковского, или "Консерватория", Киев)

Пётр Полтарев & Алексей Коган (both featured in the recordings below)

Selected songs:
Opening song [mp3]
What's Going On? [mp3]
Song 3 Composed by Arkady Ovrutsky [mp3] First two chords (lower key) missed from rec – I thought Arkady was just tuning 🙂
Burn Hollywood, Burn [mp3]
the concert's longest song [mp3]
Stormy Monday, closing [mp3] – here the lead musicians (Frank Lacy & Пьотр Войташик) take a walk in the hall playing (unamplified). They go from right of stage to behind of the recording site (the mics), in the back they move to the left and return to the front stage (left side)

Jan 17 2007
По просьбе Владимира Нестеренко публикуются остальные записи с концерта:

Part 1, Song 2 [mp3]
Part 1, Song 4 [mp3]

Part 2, Song 3 [mp3]
Part 2, Song 4 [mp3] (www version, originally conjunct with "Stormy Monday")

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One thought on “Frank Lacy, Пьотр Войташик et al

  1. названия песен
    Привет, Саша!
    Спасибо за запись!
    Названия песен –
    opening song – “So Near, So Far” (Crombie/ Green)
    What’s Going On (Marvin Gaye)
    song N3 -“Ark’s Suite” (Овр.)
    “No Gas / Burn Hollywood Burn!” (Овруцкий / Public Enemy)
    The Longest song -к стыду своему – забыл название
    “Stormy Monday” (trad.)
    Part 1, song 2 – “Journey to Kafarnahum” (Wojtashik)
    Part 1, song 4 – “Song for One” (John Stubllefield)
    Part 2,song 3 – “Just Friends” (Klenner/Lewis)
    Part 2, song 4 – “Realization” (F. Lacy)
    Барабанщика зовут Кшиштов ГРАДЗЮК, уж не знаю, как это пишется по- польски…

    Удачи, надеюсь, ещё встретимся.

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