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DreamHost Basic FeaturesHello, Happy DreamHost Customer!

In case you didn’t pay attention yet, here’s an interesting page in DreamHost‘s Web Panel:
DreamHost Suggestions

Having spent several hours wading through the complete list of registered suggestions myself I’ve compiled a set which can be (and has been by some) voted for by an individual customer.

Hope you’ll find many of the select-features useful to you too and vote for them from within your account. It’s easy to search for the suggestions by keyword or by category in the Panel to cast a vote. It will surely speed up development process at DreamHost in the right direction 🙂

Thanks for collaboration!

Date Category Suggestion Cost
2006-02-03 Mail – Discussion Lists Allow spam filtering incoming mailing list messages. 5 credits
2005-09-08 Status – Statistics Install mod_cookies/mod_usertrack so cookie info shows up in log files. 4 credits
2005-07-25 Mail – MX Record Add backup MX support. 5 credits
2005-05-16 Status – Statistics Offer analog AND awstats and webalizer. 5 credits
2004-12-20 Goodies – Secure Server Set up ALL domains with a https:// version, even though the certificate would be self-signed and produce a warning in browsers. 4 credits
2004-07-12 New Features Allow for the creation of one archive of all user content, databases, and even web panel settings. 5 credits
2004-07-02 New Features Create an API interface to all web panel functions, so customers can automate things with their own scripts. 5 credits
2004-07-01 Status – Statistics Allow a daily summary email of stats to be sent. 4 credits
2004-06-30 New Features Be automatically emailed whenever our process watcher kills a process of yours. 2 credits

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