Sounds of Kiev City

The dampy snow has finally gone so I thought it’s just the right time to go out gather some sounds of the big city.

[Звуки индустриального Киева стерео: метро]

My first target was Kiev’s subway. (Not particularly snow-dependent, but anyway…)

The funny thing about the "underground railroad" in Kiev is that part of it runs above the curb actually. Here’s the train going from "above ground" into the tunnel + coupla stages underground.
Now in real underground is obviously the most loud part of this transportation, especially on a platform near passing train. Tell you what, the first time I played this part at home I nearly fell off the chair – so much was the habit to start balancing every time the real train pulls out… An interesting sound-tied reflex.
And here’s how the subway train sounds above ground (arrival).

Update for 7/29/06:
This is how Paton Bridge "breathes" (under the bridge)
…and from the other side of the pier there’s a nice place for vagabonds to sleep

Although the recordings are "normalized" they were NOT compressed dynamically. Therefore please don’t be afraid to turn the volume knob all the way up to the max, you will probably only get momentary big peaks, while the overall RMS power of the recordings is very low.


More sounds of industrial Kiev coming up!

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One thought on “Sounds of Kiev City

  1. It’s strange, when you’re inside the train and it’s moving underground, you can’t hear any voices — the sound of movement is too loud. If you want someone to hear you, you have to be close enough and speak really loud.
    And in those audios, the people’s voices are clearly audible.

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